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Welcome to the homepage of

Puppies occasionaly available

Stud service for aproved bitches only

American Staffordshire Terrier

Number-One de Heavenguard Ch Port

Utah-Jazz del Ngorong-Ngorong

Ula-Ula del Ngorong-Ngorong

Arnold da Casa dos Ces Ch Port

Ace da Casa dos Ces

Brindle da Casa dos Ces

Calamity Jane, Crazy Girl e Cannon Ball da Casa dos Ces (the future)

Fila Brasileiro

Boris de S.Simo Ch Port

Amizade-Baa Ch Port

Braza da Casa dos Ces Ch Port

Carlota, Caj & Carolina (the young promises)

This page is under construction

come visit us again

Canil da Casa dos Ces

Rua de Santiago, 331

4460-809 Custias


tel. Porto: +351.931.265381

tel. Lisboa:+351.931.9842633

fax: +351.2.9513759



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Canil da Casa dos Ces

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